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The 6 best marathon moments that happened in 2019

April 28, 2023
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Brigid Kosgei's run was one of marathon moments in 2019
Brigid Kosgei's world record was one of the best marathon moments in 2019

2019 was a great year with great marathon moments. Many great milestones were reached in the distance, with the world record falling in the women’s marathon and one man breaking the 2hr barrier in the men’s distance.

I will not mention the London Marathon in my favourite marathon moments below, but what Eliud Kipchoge once told me about the London Marathon being arguably the major of the world's major marathons was manifest. The two runners who won both the men's and women's races that year will be on top of my list but in different other races after their London victories.

Below are some of the greatest marathon moments that happened this year (2019) in athletics.

1. Brigid Kosgei's marathon moments setting a new world record at the Chicago Marathon
The old women’s marathon record of 2:15:25 had stayed out of reach for the women for such a long time. No runner had even ran a full minute close to it and it was appearing as though it was still going to take such a long time for it to be broken. But, Kosgei surprised everyone going at an alarming pace that saw her being in a predicted finish time of 2:12 at some stages in her race. She ended up running a new world record of 2:14:04, which was more than one minute than the seemingly impossible record by Paula Radcliffe.

2. Eliud Kipchoge marathon moments running 1:59:40 for the marathon
Finally, no human is limited! The debate on whether it is possible for a human being to run a marathon under two hours and still live came to an end when Eliud Kipchoge just did that in Vienna and still had plenty of energy left to run around and hug the fans that had turned up to cheer him.

Kipchoge was able to demonstrate that whatever one sets their mind to achieve will achieve as long as they give it their best.

3. Kenenisa Bekele’s marathon moments at the Berlin Marathon
A world record that everyone thought was out of reach for the rest almost fell at the Berlin Marathon when Kenenisa Bekele ran 2:01:41 to narrowly miss it by just 2 seconds. Bekele was already behind the leaders at around 30km into the race and fans watching the race had almost counted him out of contention.

However, he started coming back strongly after the 35km point quickly gaining ground on the leaders before passing them as though they were jogging.

4. The close finish between Lelisa Desisa and Lawrence Cherono marathon moments in Boston
The men’s race at the Boston Marathon ended up in a captivating climax when there were three athletes still stuck together in the last 500m of the race.

A sprint finish was only going to determine the winner among Kenneth Kipkemoi, Lawrence Cherono and Lelisa Desisa. It became a long sprint with less than 200m to go in which Kipkemoi was the first to give up, but Desisa and Cherono ran shoulder to shoulder almost up to a touching distance from the tape before Cherono would slightly edge Desisa for the win. Interestingly, the gap in the prize structure for the 1st and 2nd positions in Boston is quite large.

5. The brave marathon moments by Ruth Chepng’etich at the Doha world championships to win the women’s marathon

brave marathon moments by Ruth Chepng’etich
Brave marathon moments by Ruth Chepng’etich. Photo by Dubai Marathon

The conditions at the world championships were tough for long-distance races, especially for the marathon event despite it being done at night. Many runners dropped out of the race. Despite the harsh conditions, Ruth Chepng’etich decided to make an early break in the second half of the race where she did a solo run at the front that eventually earned her the victory.

6. Joyciline Jepkosgei’s marathon moments debut at the New York City Marathon
Despite holding the world record for women in the half marathon distance, a few people were talking about Joyciline Jepkosgei leading up to the New York City Marathon.

However, she later turned out to be the only competitor to give the defending champion, Mary Keitany, such a hard run to the last stages of the race before she emerged victorious in one of the major marathons in her debut.

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