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5 reasons to become an athletics fan

June 17, 2022
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An athletics cross country event in Eldoret
An epic athletics cross-country battle between Wilson Kiprop and Bedan Karoki in Eldoret

As the World Athletics Championships are set to kick off next month, from the 15th to the 24th of July, it feels so satisfying to be an athletics fan. There is a lot of excitement already building up, and athletics is getting more focus across the internet.

It usually takes a very long time before a post that is not related to athletics can pop up from any of my social media accounts. More so at this time. Most of my posts are usually related to athletics, especially running, because that is where my heart is. Being an athletics fan and a sports person has enriched my life in so many ways. In fact, I can’t tell whether I am a runner because I am a fan of running or a fan of running because I am a runner.

Below are some of the benefits of being an athletics fan (that of being a runner will be a topic for another day).

1. Being an athletics fan is free!        

There are so many ways to treat oneself; buying an expensive gift, going out to watch a movie, visiting a game park, or making a special meal, among others.  For me, relaxing in the house and watching a track and field event, a cross country meet, or a road running event on TV; or going out to spectate at a local athletics event is all that I will need to have a great day. The fun part is that it is always free for me to do all these!

2. I earn a living out of athletics

Knowledge is power. The more you become a fan of a particular sport for a long time, the more you learn a lot about what to do to be successful in it. Your knowledge could be valuable as a coach - like I do with my online coaching programs, as a sports reporter, a race organizer, and a talent scouter, among many others. Since you also know much about teams and individual athletes, you could place bets like on Kenya Promotion Code bonus that could win you millions and change you into an instant millionaire.

3. Athletics gives one a sense of belonging

Being a sports fan will automatically get you a sense of belonging wherever you end up. At times, I enter a restaurant on a weekend, and on one screen at some corner, they are showing a political rally, on another screen in another corner they are showing a marathon event. It won’t be hard for me to choose where to seat and I will be sure to have a lot in common with whoever is sitting there watching the marathon as well.

4. Athletics provides something to look forward to every day

I do not know if it applies to everyone, but I feel energetic whenever I have an event to look forward to later in the day or week. I think excitement itself is one of those sources of strength not found in food nutrients. Looking forward to Abel Kipsang versus Jakob Ingebrigtsen and at the forthcoming World Athletics Championships in Oregon, for example, is what keeps me excited for next month.

5. Athletics influences one to adopt an active lifestyle

The more you watch and follow sports people on social media and in their daily lives, the more you will learn how to keep active as well. I would be surprised to find someone who is passionate about running watching road running events every day without getting the urge to try participating at a running event one time as well. And to participate, one has to prepare by training. The friends I have found through running, in real life as well as on social media, encourage me to keep active in many ways.

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