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My review of the cool XX2i performance and casual sunglasses

May 30, 2018
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From my training with cool xx2i glasses.
From my training with cool xx2i glasses.
There have been genuine surprises in the faces of a few friends I have given my XX2i sunglasses to try. “These are so different!” They would tell me, adding that they have never expected glasses to make them feel the way they felt when they tested them. It was the same case for me when I got the 5 frames (I was expecting four!) from Rudy Project USA, early this month. I had been spoiled for choice on which one to start trying as all of them were so appealing.

Different types of xx2i Sunglasses

In my package, I got two casual frames; the Brazil1 and the Bermuda1 and two sports frames; the Hawaii1 and the USA1 with the latter coming with multiple colors to choose from in lenses and removable parts of the frames.


With my casual xx2i Brazil1 sunglasses

 The first thing I noticed about the frames is their strong quality. In a world full of so many kinds of frames and sunglasses, any of the XX2i frames I tried left me amazed at how crystal clear and cool they made me see and feel.

Hawaii1, in particular, can rightfully be referred to as performance sunglasses. I have been able to do some quality intervals and running in them and I can attest that they make running a bit more comfortable especially in the hot sun, and a small difference in running often ends up being such a big difference in the long run. Hawaii1 is so light, yet it covers the eyes well and there is no mist/fog forming when one sweats since it is made in such a way that favor escape through a small opening at the top sides of the frames.
USA1 came in two frames; a black and a white one. It also came with four different shades for the lenses which makes it perfect for any environment and situation. It had clear, yellow, red, grey and dark options.
It also had red, blue and black replaceable parts to make the frame match the colour of the lenses. Just like the Hawaii1, I took them for a number of runs and really liked running in them as well.
I like reading a lot and sometimes would like doing it outside as I bask in the sun.
The Brazil1 Casual frame has been my helpful companion here. I can read outside without having to strain due to the rays of the sun affecting my eyes. Besides, as a friend drove with me one of the hot afternoons, I let him try the glasses and he was greatly impressed and asked me to do what I can to make sure I get him his pair soon so he could use while driving around.

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