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Doping among Kenyan athletes; the 6 observations WADA, AIU and ADAK

September 27, 2018
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After today's press release, it is apparent that more should be done to educate Kenyan athletes on matters to do with doping.

It seems like most cases are a result of ignorance on the part of the athletes. Here is what the WADA, AIU and ADAK taskforce found regarding the menace in Kenya.

The report on doping highlighted the following six key conclusions

1. The cheating practices of Kenyan athletes are unsophisticated, opportunistic, and uncoordinated, and there is no evidence of an institutionalized system.

2. Based on the substances detected, Kenyan athletes most commonly use nandrolone and EPO.

3.  Athletes in Kenya are insufficiently educated on doping and/or willfully blind as to the consequences of cheating.

4. The role of local medical practitioners and quasi-medical personnel (e.g. chemists) is highly relevant to the accessibility of prohibited substances to athletes and their entourages.

5. Some local medical practitioners and quasi-medical personnel are unaware and/or willfully blind to their role in facilitating the access of athletes and their entourage to prohibited substances.

6. The benefits of the “substantial assistance” provisions of the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) are vastly underutilized by Kenyan athletes who are caught.

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