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Why run with Amos?

February 21, 2022
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Run with Amos is a Running Tour Guide in Iten. Photo by Amos

Who is Amos?

Amos Kimutai is not your average Kenyan runner. He is a tour guide by profession. His love and passion for athletics cannot be described by pen and paper; you have to run with Amos to experience it!

Anyone should plan to run with me; not because I'm a top athlete, but because I understand and respect all runners regardless of their level and fitness.

Amos Kimutai

Apart from tour guiding, Amos is an active athlete who decided to take up running seriously after his tertiary education. He is also venturing into sports tourism where he encourages both local and international athletes to explore the beautiful sceneries when they are not running.

Love for Running

His love for running started when he was in primary school and he became a great fan of Shaheen Saif Saeed the current world record holder of the men’s 3000m Steeplechase. He started to develop his passion for running from that time when he used to run to school in the morning and during lunchtime. He wasn't that good but he didn't lose hope in running.

Career in Sports Tourism

After O-level education, Amos got an opportunity to nurture his talent after being selected by an official during some trials that were done at RVTTI (Rift Valley Technical Training Institute) under the sponsorship of UNICEF for a period of one year. Later, Amos joined a college in Thika where he pursued a diploma course in Tourism Management.

Motivational running

It was while in college that he started inspiring a group of recreation runners. He used to motivate and encourage them to take running for a healthy lifestyle.

While training at the University of Nairobi grounds, he met a group of recreational runners and acted as their Coach; guiding them on how to do the intervals and fartleks. Here, he developed a community of runners.

What keeps him going

“I'm happy when I see people who I trained and inspired improving, and also encouraging others to run. As I speak now, Team Jasho Kenya has become one of the biggest recreational running teams that run for fun and participate in many races, and what motivates them to run is just to get a finisher’s medal. That's my happiness,” said Amos.

Why should you run with him?

Anyone should plan to run with Amos “not because I'm a top athlete, but because I understand and respect all runners regardless of their level and fitness.”

Absolutely, everyone can run with Amos. Photo courtesy of Amos

Amos is one runner with who you will not get bored while running. Apart from that, Amos knows almost all the top elite athletes in Kenya. So, if you are looking for a running guide then you should think of running with Amos.

Amos gives back to the community

One thing about Amos is that he also gives back to the community by collecting used shoes and donating them to athletes who are in need. He collects them from friends and this project has already impacted a number of athletes.

Most of the runners who run with Amos are based in Iten, Kenya. A town that has been nicknamed the home of champions.

In almost all the major athletics events in Kenya, Amos is always there. As he passes around he receives greetings from almost all the runners around; both the senior and the upcoming runners alike. He seems to know and be known by everyone who is involved in athletics, especially the sport of long-distance running.

You can like and follow what he is doing on his Facebook Page: Run With Amos

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