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What percentage does a good running coach contribute to a great marathon run?

June 21, 2019
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What percentage does a good running coach contribute to a great marathon run?
A good running coach or all the best running products in the world?

After a runner completes a gruelling marathon, there are energy gels, sports drinks, protein shakes, racing shoes, pacemakers, sunglasses, GPS sport watches, and performance socks, among companies waiting to claim credit for any good performance. What percentage of the credit goes to a good running coach and the runner?

If it was true that every product that appeared on the internet in the name of aiding runners run fast marathon times was to add at least 2% improvement each, then a runner who would use all these products at once would only need to use a 20% effort to win any major marathon!

Just like choosing the right odds to place in the  betin kenya promo code you will need an expert in the field who has had enough experience in the field to know what exactly will work best for you in yielding the best results. For marathon running, that person is a good running coach.

There are so many products in the market, including energy gels, pre-race powders, protein supplements, racing shoes that claim to add up to 4% improvement, energy drinks, special clothing that eliminates air resistance, pace-setting GPS watches, electrolytes, running glasses, compression and performance socks, etc.

Why choose a good running coach, instead?

Almost every good running coach was at one time a runner and, besides what was passed down to them by their coaches during their time, knows exactly how the different products and different training programs assisted their running and the right time to apply each one of them.

The main difference between a coach and the companies that market products with claims of improving your marathon running time is that your coach is more concerned and will share in the joy of your improvement while the companies selling the products are more concerned in convincing you to part with your money to buy them.

Another thing to put in mind in assessing the input that a coach will add to your training is that he/she will be part of your journey to success given that your success will be their success too in more than one way. The more you put into your training, the more your coach will contribute as well. The more ambitious you get, the more attention your coach will to every aspect and progress of your training to ensure you meet your goals.

Even if a product may be able to improve a specific percentage in your running times, like 4% for example; a coach, on the other hand, will sit down with you, hear your ambitions and chart a training program with the aim of trying to meet your goals. It could be improving your 40 minutes 10km time to 35 minutes, or moving up from half marathon to the marathon.

More importantly, a coach communicates and is always there to encourage, listen to your concerns and give you the best advice at any particular stage in your training. So, next time you are undecided about whether to pay $50 for some Online coaching by a Kenyan athlete or to buy a $300 racing shoe, you can always reread this article to make the right decision.

Anyway, the good thing is that you can have all of them; the best racing shoes and other products and a good running coach from Kenya as well.

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