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Will Asbel Kiprop get banned, or not?

December 30, 2018
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Asbel Kiprop training in Iten

Asbel Kiprop’s samples were allegedly collected in November 2017. One year and two months later, he has not been able to participate in any competitions and is yet to know whether he is going to be banned or not. I have no idea why it is taking such a long time for him to be either banned or set free, but I know this.

When I started my anti-doping awareness campaigns some time back in 2013, I remember Asbel Kiprop was among the first people to support me. He did purchase a number of T-shirts with a slogan urging athletes to run clean that I helped distribute to a number of athletes. I know of some of the athletes who saw the need to shun doping completely out of my small efforts.

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A few years later, Kiprop is being accused of doping and he is denying it. Below is a sample of what some of the athletes in an international group on the social media are saying, with their well-thought reasons, regarding the issue. Some want Kiprop to be banned for life while others are reading something fishy in the delay.

Patrick K. Mutai: Asbel Kiprop was tested November 2017.
Results were out by Mid April 2018, 8 months later, He is still suspended.
It is understood that Kiprop believes there was an error with his sample and he is fighting his case.
When will this case end? How long will it take?
As human being we may be having flaws in our lives but we need justice. Asbel has not only been running for himself, he has been a good ambassador for this country and we all need justice.
From my side, I feel like demanding him be cleared if they are not coming out clear
Gilbert Koech: The delay in itself is becoming suspect.
Sam Kiprotich What I personally am asking is ...did he dope? Then ban him...didn't he dope,,? Let him go back to his event ..n run!! Period...!!!!!? Unless there are some other issues
Evans Yator: No one wakes up one morning and accuses another for a crime. From what A. Kiprop narrated, he was hiding some facts. For staters, how can a police officer give money to WADA officials who had came to collect samples from him for no apparent reason?
Sam Kiprotich: I said earlier on....whoever the athlete is,if tested and found positive then ban him!!! If not clear the athlete because he has a life to live!!!! Suppose he is proven innocent... Will they compensate the lost time and defamation!????.... Someone must do something urgently otherwise some of us might decide to do a long run to IAAF headquarters and demonstrate...
Limo Kip Ibrahim: Something is fishy here,November is off season for track athletes,the next track meet is May,could it really be right even if asbel was doping to do it in November yet he races is May???somethings don't add up here that's y they cannot come up with a verdict now plus the integrity of those wada agents must be investigated
Patrick K. Mutai: Limo Kip Ibrahim damage has been done. One year has gone like that. A waste!!! There is something fishy indeed.
Nils Jørgen Forreløkken: Just another cheater....
Sam Kiprotich: Its not about guilty or innocent...we don't know that,relevant bodies have the prove..! What they should do is to either ban him or release him to compete asap...unless there's some facts they are lacking...
Julius Rotich: I hope they ban him forever i don't like him, i hate the cheaters.

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