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Why I hold the 5km world record of 12:37:00 on Strava

November 6, 2018
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My world record run on Strava

Yesterday, I got an email notification that a new friend was now following me on Strava. On logging in to my Strava page, I noticed that it was a close friend of mine from Ontario, Canada. So, I was curious to compare his personal best times with mine.

My friend had 20 minutes for his 5km time. I checked mine and I could not believe what I saw. I had 12:37.00! Kenenisa Bekele’s official world record is 12:37:35. Does this mean I am the fastest runner over the 5k distance? I could hardly believe it. I was already beginning to dance as I clicked on the time to find more details on the exact route on which I registered the time.

When I checked futher details on the particular run, I found out that I had covered the first kilometer in a very slow 6 minutes and 54 seconds, which means that I ran the last four kilometers, all combined, faster than the first one kilometer! This wasn’t making any sense to me. Something must have happened.

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It took me a while to remember that I had actually been involved in a road accident just after covering the first kilometer as I jogged with my wife to a starting point where we were going to do a fartlek with my group on Thursday the 18th of October, ten days to my planned marathon race. The last four kilometers were actually covered by the vehicle that was rushing us to the hospital.
There are cheats on Strava who even travel in planes and list their times as their personal best times. I hate such people with passion, but mine is a case you will hopefully understand. I never knew that Strava already had recorded that without asking me to confirm it. I would have just deleted it, but there are so many people who have seen it before me and I think the best way to deal with it is to explain. Surely, someone may be able to understand it when I tell them that I forgot all about stopping my watch when a motorcycle fly out of nowhere and rammed onto us, seeming to have just passed through me and carrying my wife with it into a ditch beside the road. I can hardly recall how it all happened.
I noticed the watch while they were checking my pressure at the hospital, and that is when I stopped it.

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