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The fact that Eliud Kipchoge will run Hamburg Marathon shows his immense confidence.

March 5, 2021
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Eliud Kipchoge in his farm. Photo from his FaceBook Page

Eliud Kipchoge is already named in the Kenyan Olympic Marathon to represent the country at the Tokyo Olympics later this year. Besides, he is the defending champion of the Olympic men’s marathon. He has absolutely nothing to prove to anyone by participating in the Hamburg marathon. He had the option to skip the Hamburg marathon and just wait for the Olympic marathon race, but he chose to compete and risk being beaten.

Hamburg is where Kipchoge started his marathon career in 2013 and it is such a great coincidence that after his dismal performance at his last race in London, he has chosen to come back again to Hamburg to “start all over again.”

However, unlike when he trained alone ahead of the 2020 London Marathon, this time around, the camps have been opened and he has been lucky to have the same company in training which he had before going for the world record in Berlin.

Kipchoge’s 10-race win streak ended at his last outing, the London Marathon on Oct. 4th last year after he placed eighth, but despite that, he is predicted to be one on the main favorites to win in Hamburg this upcoming April, according to the guys at

If he comes back and wins the Hamburg Marathon on the 11th of April, fans will easily forget all about his London's 8th place finish. However, it won’t come so easily for him given that the race seems to be the only one offering an opportunity for elite runners to set seasonal best times and meet qualifying times for the Olympics and to sign contracts. There could be many elite runners interested in running.

The NN team, in partnership with the Hamburg Marathon has organized this fast course marathon in order to offer runners an opportunity to run Olympic qualifying standards at a time like this when there are no marathons to run.

Why Kipchoge will run this marathon yet he already has the Olympic Marathon waiting for him, and a status to maintain as the world’s greatest marathon runner ever is probably because he believes in himself.

After all, he was able to run under two hours for the marathon when almost everyone else in the world, including scientists, believed that no human would possibly run under that time.

Kipchoge already proved that “no human is limited” in Vienna, he’ll be simply reminding us the same in Hamburg. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});

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