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Six reasons why I think Eliud Kipchoge will most likely break the 2hr barrier for the Marathon this Saturday in Vienna

October 8, 2019
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Eliud Kipchoge. Photo from his Facebook Page
The only reason why we cannot give it a 100% certainty is that it is not any normal task, like breaking a world record. It is much more than that. Kipchoge will be trying to test the limit of what is humanly possible for the human race to achieve in the marathon. 

1. He would not have agreed to take up the challenge.
There is one thing I have learned about Kipchoge since he took up road running. He doesn’t just race anyhow; that is why he has won 12 out of all the 13 marathons he has ever run. The only one he didn’t win, he finished 2nd.

Kipchoge takes his time to prepare well and only races one or two marathons in a year unlike other runners who do multiple races in a year without caring about the impact it will have on their careers.

Kipchoge believes he is going to break the barrier. Some people’s believes are stronger than others’ and I believe Kipchoge has always had a strong belief in whatever he has ever set to achieve.

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2. He is currently the greatest marathon runner ever in history
He is the only human to have ever run a marathon under 2hrs and 1 minute. He has run 2:01.39 for the world record as well as 2:00.25 in his first sub 2hr marathon attempt in Monza, Italy.

3. It is his second try.
There is a saying that the first mistake is not a mistake, but to repeat a mistake is a mistake. Having come so close to breaking the barrier in May 2017, Kipchoge must have been rewinding and rewatching the race both in his mind and on the available tapes and trying to pin-points the stages where he would have cut the 25 seconds.

4. He is just 25 seconds away from it
The last time he was trying to break the barrier, he was over 3 minutes away from it with a personal best time of 2:03:05. This time around, he is just 25 seconds away from it.

5. He knows it won’t be an easy task to achieve
Knowing exactly how tough a task is ahead of him, Kipchoge is not taking any chances. He is taking the challenge with the seriousness it deserves and working with the best team to make sure he achieves it. He is training in the company of other great long-distance runners, under his all-time coach and other support staff in the camp that ensures everything goes according to plan.

6. He has already achieved everything else he wanted
After breaking the world record in Berlin last year, Kipchoge was asked what he wanted next and he said he wanted to run within 2:02 since he had already run 2:00, 2:01, 2:03, 2:04 and 2:05. So, he wanted to test how it felt to run at every speed from 2:00 up to 2:05. He achieved that this year at the London marathon by running 2:02:37.

He has also run a world record, has attained the title of the greatest marathon runner ever, besides holding an Olympic title among others. At the moment, he has what every athlete dreams of ever achieving in their careers.

Breaking the 2hr barrier for the marathon will be the next suitable challenge for him after all that he has ever done.

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