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Running is also a business venture with great potential

December 6, 2018
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Athletes running at the Nike Discovery Kenya Cross Country championships in Eldoret

Many people claim to be running “just” as a hobby. No problem with that. But, to be honest, running is quickly transforming itself into another form of a business venture with great potential. Times are quickly changing. Even water used to be free a few years ago, but time has come when companies have seized the opportunity to bottle and brand the resource and it is now turning into another lucrative business venture as well. Even soil is being packaged and sold in supermarkets these days!

There are so many companies that are getting into the health and fitness industry in the recent years. Be it sport tourism training camps and destinations (like Iten, Kenya), medical facilities, gym facilities, nutritional products, running shoes, online coaching and even sites that get money out of sports, for example review ug worldstar, among others. In fact, other companies that are not even related directly with the sport of running are getting into partnerships with athletes in order for them to market their brands.

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With the world becoming more competitive in many ways, it is time for runners to consider capitalizing on their running and making it a business in order to earn a living out of it. After all, to excel in any other industry; the music industry, the movie industry, the manufacturing industry, the computer industry, the aerospace industry, the farming industry, etc; all needs someone with a passion a talent to do well in their relevant field.

The young generation ought to be taught that running can become another avenue for earning a living in their future. That they can use running to accomplish anything that they though was only possible in other industries.

Anyway, no one will easily admit that they are running to make profit out of it. But they may be, at the same time, busy filling applications to market brands with their running and trying to get “sponsorships” to assist with their expenses as runners. Perhaps it is time that some people become genuine and give us the real reason why they are aiming for a personal best time, to sign a new contract with a particular brand and negotiating appearance money with a particular race. If musicians and actors get paid so much more than runners, what is wrong in admitting that running is a business and that runners are people with basic needs (and wants) like the rest of the human beings in other industries as well? In fact, runners even ought to earn much more than anyone if the world needs to be fair to the saying that hard work pays; they are the people who sweat the most daily in order to reach the top.

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