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My report on the 2021 Kip Keino Classic Meeting in Nairobi

October 10, 2021
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Margaret Chelimo Kipkemboi in the women 5000m at the KIpkeino Classic

This was the report from my coverage of the Kipkeino Classic for RunBlogRun last month in Nairobi, Kenya.

One of the fans had shouted, "This has never happened before in history!" after the epic men's 100m race. But, while it may be true and obvious that almost everything that is happening right now, or going to happen in the future has never happened before, what Trayvon Bromell and Ferdinand Omanyala did in the men's 100m race will remain historical.

In a thrilling race that left almost all the spectators in the stadium on their feet, shouting themselves hoarse, Bromell set another world leading time of 9.76 to edge Ferdinand Omanyala by one micro-second. Bromell had a good start, but the gap between the two was rapidly diminishing towards the finish line and the Kenyan crowd was hoping that Omanyala could take the win. But, it was Bromell who ended up with a better position on the world's fastest 100m runners of all time as he is now tied in 6th place with Christian Coleman. Omanyala is now placed 8th with his new personal best time of 9.77 on the all-time best 100m runners.In what may now make Kenya the best destination for international sprinters to come and run their personal best times, Fred Kerley of USA also ran a personal best time of 19.76 to win the men's 200m ahead of Isaac Makwala who ran 20.06 and Filippo Tortu who ran 20.11.
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