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Transgender athletes' debate re-ignited by Lia Thomas's 3 record-breaking wins

February 22, 2022
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William Thomas transition to Lia Thomas
Transgender athlete, Lia Thomas. Photo courtesy: The Hodgetwins

A friend of mine from the other side of this cloud called earth wrote a thought-provoking opinion on transgender athletes in sports. This topic has been so emotive in recent times with World Athletics having to set regulations in some events to allow transgender athletes to compete, and some cases like that of the South African 800m runner, Caster Semenya have been taking ages in the courts.

She was responding to the debate that arose after Lia Thomas, a transgender athlete from the University of Pennsylvania, won the 200-yard freestyle race at the Ivy League women's swimming and diving championships on Friday 18th February, setting a new record.

According to her, there is absolutely no amount of hormones that can be injected or a number of surgeries enough to turn a man into a woman.

apparently 'Lia' still has his penis and flaunts it when sharing the locker rooms with the women he is being allowed to compete against. How is this allowing women the right to feel free and safe among one another?

JD Larson

Below are her thoughts on the transgender athletes which she wrote on her Facebook post

Man or Woman? To me, the answer is simple science. It is scientifically impossible to turn a biological male into a female, or a biological female into a male. You can surgically remove a man's penis and add fake breasts, and feed him hormones, but you will never make him biologically female. Biologically he will always be a male with male DNA and with a physically male body that is much different than that of a female, and usually stronger and faster in physical competitions against females due to his male DNA and physiology. This is why Lia Thomas and so many other 'transgender' men are destroying women's sports and infringing on women's rights.

Does a person have the right to try to surgically alter their body to become someone else? Yes, we all have the right to choose who we want to be, as long as we do not infringe on others' rights in the process. 'Transgender' men who are choosing to compete in women's sports, and being allowed to do so, are infringing on the rights of women to be able to compete against other women in their chosen sport. Why do you think women's sports were created in the first place? It was because women will always be physically dominated by men due to their physical and biological differences. Try putting a female team up against a male team in nearly every competition that relies on strength and physical prowess and men will dominate women every time. This is why you don't find women trying to turn themselves into men so they can compete in men's sports.

In my MSN news feed this morning it was stated that the Whitehouse refused to comment on this issue, but it is obvious they support allowing biological men to compete against biological women in sports competitions in which male biology will always be dominant. In this, they discriminate against women by denying them the right to fair competition against their peers. Also, apparently 'Lia' still has his penis and flaunts it when sharing the locker rooms with the women he is being allowed to compete against. How is this allowing women the right to feel free and safe among one another? Women around the world, and here in America, can never feel safe from the domination of men over them and male abuses against them. Not in their own homes, and now, not even in their own locker rooms. Their own government is trying to further push women's rights back into the dark ages before they had a vote or a say in their own destiny. Doesn't matter how much they scream or cry or protest, they now have no rights and no say in whether biological males are allowed to dominate them in their chosen sports.

This is NOT a political issue. This is a human rights issue and a women's rights issue. It is also an issue of science and biology. To pretend that a woman can turn herself into a man, or a man can turn himself into a woman, goes against science and biology. You can never change your DNA and biology no matter how many surgeries you have or how many hormones you ingest. For any of us to pretend otherwise is insanity.

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