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How to tell when you are in great form to run a marathon well

August 22, 2019
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Mary Keitany training in Iten

There are so many methodologies that athletes use to tell when they are finally in their right form to race well. Some may not be very common. For example, I normally just hold my wrist with the other hand and tell what kind of form I am during my training. Others compare themselves against their training colleagues.

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Below are the most common signs that many athletes tend to agree on as the most common indicators of someone in good form to go out and run a great race.

1. Craving for food

There are days when runners seem to find any foodstuff they taste, or even just think about, are sweeter than they have usually been. I know of some interesting stories that have involved food in some training destinations around here, especially after some days of hard training.

Not only does the food taste sweeter, but you tend to get hungry much too often.

2. Easily getting tripped while on training runs, or racing

Well, everybody gets tripped and fall down once in a while. But a runner who has trained for some time knows that there are days in which they find themselves getting tripped even up to three times in a single run. The fall itself seems strange as the feet would hit a stone or any slightly raised thing on the ground, and the next thing you realize is yourself diving head-first towards the ground. Like a cat, you will bring your hands quickly to the ground to save your head and end up with some bruises on your palms.

You can list the example of Geoffrey Kamworor who got tripped, fell down and remained on the ground for almost 15 seconds before getting up and going ahead to win the world half-marathon title.

3. Training routes appear shorter and easier than usual

I’m lucky to have been able to interview one athlete the Wednesday before he went and broke the world record for the marathon on the following Sunday. Here is the interview: Six reasons why Dennis Kimetto was sure to break the world record for marathon in 2014 He told me how his body felt and how convinced he was going to break the record based on the way he was tackling the training routes he had been using to train.

4. Easily sweating after a short warm-up

Everyone would expect that a runner in great shape would hardly break a sweat while running. However, what I have observed though is the opposite. Not sure if it is because too much sweating during training opens up more sweat pores, but athletes in great shape usually sweat very clean.

You can find a wet vest they had been using to train and you will think that it has just been rinsed in clean water.

5. Cold weather affects you more

If you attend a race and notice someone wearing a heavy jacket on a sunny day, watch them closely during the race. Runners in great form usually feel the cold weather more and you will find them in heavy clothing even on warm days.

Runners in good form also easily get common colds if they are not very careful.

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