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How I improved my marathon time by 29 minutes

December 23, 2018
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winning a 10K race in Ottawa, Canada

Running and completing a marathon is one of the hardest undertakings that any runner can undertake. Cutting 29 minutes off a marathon time is even harder. It needs well thought and lengthy preparations.

The training program should be made to incorporate track and road speed workouts, hills, long runs, tempo runs, enough sleep, among others.

Below is the program I used to ensure that I was able to improve my time on the same marathon course the following year. I didn’t have any specific minutes to shed off, but was able to cut 29 minutes from the time I ran last year! This should be a great testimony in itself of the effectiveness of the training I went through and I do believe it is going to work for anyone who is interested in improving their marathon times drastically.

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Note. It is going to be hard training, but one should listen to their body and try and make the proper adjustments to fit them.

My target race was the ScotiaBank Ottawa Marathon, in Canada.
I am about to embark on another journey using the same training program next year for another huge time improvement and I hope to be doing this with those who will read this program and decide to incorporate it in their programs too. After all, it is the typical training program in almost every training group in Kenya.
Below is a sample of the first two days:
1st week of training (Jan 1st - 7th); mileage 138km.
1st January (Sunday)
This is the day that I ate hills to celebrate the New Year!
After a 3km warm up (19 minutes), I started my hill workout where I ran up about 400m and recovered by running down the hill. The aim was to make the whole workout moderate by running a total of 10km in 50 minutes. If the effort for running up the hill became a 4:29/km pace, then going down the hill would be 5:31/km just to make sure the average pace would be 5:00 per kilometer. In the end, I stopped the watch at exactly 10km on top of the hill and the time was 48:48.63. I decided to add a discount by running back to some point and sprinting one last timetothetopof the hill, just to make sure my workout was over 50 minutes. I did a 10 minute cool downafter that.
2nd January (Monday)
Morning run was a moderate 16km progressive run starting with a 5:19/km pace, maintaining an average of 4:18/km for the better part of my run till the last three kimometers where I increased the pace a bit with the last two kilometers being particularly quite fast. The last kilometer was a 3:29/km pace. The total time was 1:07:50. The average pace was 4:14/km
Evening run was an easy jog of 10km. Average pace was 5:16/km. Total time was 52:44.35.

You can get the full ebook HERE to continue following through the rest of the weeks before I ran my goal marathon.

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