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November 5, 2018
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I just came across this online store that is a one stop shop... or can we say a one site stop for online shoppers?... for any runner of any ability, age and stature. It has anything that any runner would need from running shoes, clothing, sport electronics, gps watches, nutrition and hydration stuff, and any other accessory you may ever think of as a runner. Just check out their website by clicking on the ad below and let me know what you find missing.
At Runners Need, they have always believed that it’s never too late for anyone to start running given that their founder, Chris Bould didn’t set out on his first run until the age of 26 when he joined the Highgate Harriers in 1979.Inspired by his experience in the USA, where he raced in the New York City Marathon and visited their specialist running retailers, Chris and his wife Judy founded the first Runners Need in Camden in 1982.
Adhering to the passions and principles of their founders, Runners Need help runners achieve their personal fitness goals with the latest products from world-leading brands, friendly, expert advice and a personal service that everyone can trust.
Runners Need genuinely love running and seeks to share that enthusiasm and knowledge with their customers, which is why you can visit them in-store and online for expert guidance on anything from training, racing and nutrition to footwear, clothing and electronics.
They believe that a great running experience begins with the right shoe, so their staff is trained to offer free video gait analysis and professional fitting services in every store.

They care about more than just kitting you out with a pair of shoes – they source the latest innovations in performance fabrics and footwear, high-tech gadgets and training and nutrition science, so that you get the most out of every run. If running is part of your holistic lifestyle, their range is versatile enough for the gym, yoga, Pilates and spin classes as well.
If you are based near any of their stores, they also lead weekly run clubs and host exclusive events from their nationwide stores to support, inspire and motivate the local running community.
Just to learn a little bit more about their founder, Chris went on to break a 30-minute 10K and achieve a PB of 2 hours 22 minutes in the fifth ever London Marathon by 1985. He even started a 10K road race in nearby Regent’s Park.
Over 30 years later, Runners Need has 34 nationwide stores and Britain has more than 2 million people training and racing on the road, track and trails. We want you to join us.
Whatever your personal fitness goals are, Runners Need is here to help you every step of the way.

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