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Eliud Kipchoge does not need New Year resolutions

December 16, 2018
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Eliud Kipchoge with his life and running coach, Patrick Sang 

Try hard and just imagine for a moment winning one of the major marathons in the world. I know it is already hard to imagine winning a local 5K race in your town, but just give it a shot. Imagine repeating that again in yet another major marathon within the same year. Imagine you shattered the world record by over a minute in your next marathon. And, if you still have some more energy to imagine, continue and imagine being named as the IAAF’s best athlete of the year.

Well, it is almost too hard in itself to imagine all these happening to one individual, but Eliud Kipchoge managed achieve all these in 2018. This, surely, must have been his best year, so far, in running.

Being that time of the year again when everyone is reflecting on how their year has been and whether they need to make some improvements on any part in 2019, I could not help but wonder if anyone like Eliud Kipchoge, Catherine Ibarguen, Timothy Cheruiyot, Beatrice Chepkoech, Luvo Manyonga, Shaunae Miller Uibo, and others who have had such an amazing year are going to make new year resolutions, like the rest of us (if you are willing to be part), or just stick to what they have been doing this year.

In the past, I have never seriously considered making New Year resolutions. But, some thoughts crossed my mind in the past few days and they have changed the perception I had regarding the topic. I used to think that New Year resolutions were meant for people who needed to recover from some kind of serious addiction, like alcoholism; or who wanted to change from their criminal way of life to a better one; or for those who were struggling with sedentary lifestyles and needed to make room for daily exercise. I now think that it is meant for everyone; except, perhaps for those who just had the best year of their lives and even broke world records.

For some time, I have been pondering. Was 2018 a perfect year for me? Is there anything I would have done to make it better? Should I change anything in 2019?

It is not guarantee that 2019 will be better than 2018, but it would seem wise to learn from any mistakes done this year and try and rectify that in 2019. There could be so many things to change in life and also in running. It could be a decision to move to a new location, to put in some more or less mileage in your training, drink more whole milk and avoid using supplements, do more massage or avoid it completely, change the shoe brand, move from track to the roads, change the circle of friends, eat more green vegetables and fruits, get a new wife, and so on. Definitely, some decisions certainly have to be made before the year ends.

Well, I hear Eliud Kipchoge keeps a daily record of his training and one of my New Year resolutions is to try and have a look at it and see how I can apply it to my running.

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