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Determined Runners

October 25, 2018
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This ebook, first of its kind, written by an athlete who has lived in the same training camps, trained and shared the same experiences with these athletes for over ten years now, may change your perceptions about the world beating runners, after you learn how much they sacrifice in their training.

Running, especially long distance, is one of the most challenging sports in the world. Besides taking many years of training, it also needs maximum perseverance, dedication, discipline and daily hard work on the part of the athlete in order for them to finally get to shine.
Perhaps that is what defines and separates the Kenyan athletes from the rest. Once they decide to pursue a goal – running for this case - nothing will stop them until they achieve it. Their strong determinations see them through hard daily workouts, waking up early in cold mornings to run, injuries, skeptics, taunting long runs and other strenuous exercises, among other challenges.
Not only are Kenyan runners determined to win, but they are also willing to give it their all. They are so hungry for success to an extent that some of them even appear to be willing to die trying as evidenced by some instances where a number of them have had to crawl to the finish line in some international marathon races. Hyvon Ng’etich crawled to the finish line at the 2015 Austin Marathon after collapsing with about 50 meters to go, but still made it to the finish line in her condition.

Here are some of the topics being covered in the ebook:
-Why Kenyans are great runners.
-How Kenyan athletes go for their long runs.
-Individual versus camp training in Kenya
-Training at Kaptagat, Eldoret
-State of track facilities in Kenya
-Foreign runners training in Kenya
-Kenya’s dominance in long and middle distance running
-Kenyan athletes’ efforts to fight doping

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